Live force facility protection

We undertake the ongoing protection or safeguarding during certain times of the day of our Customers’ sites, institutions, office buildings, warehouses, etc., the performance of guardhouse services and law enforcement services, including unarmed services in uniform, services by armed security guards or security guards with dogs, as required.

Special security services

- Bodyguard
- Bomb searching

Security services at events

We undertake to provide security services at various events, sports events, private and corporate functions on a continued basis.

Escort of special shipments

Our company undertakes to escort and secure shipments of high value or of particular risk (excise products, products of high value and assets), for which we have our specially trained staff in place.

Department store security services

Safeguarding of any type of department house and points of sale, by well-trained security guards and the placement of safety/security devices, as required.

Asset protection risk analysis

We seek out any sources of hazard and points of risk at our Customers’ sites to be safeguarded, the coverage of which is absolutely necessary for security to be provided.

Security professional advisory services

Our qualified experts assist our Customers in finding the most optimum solution by which security services can be provided in the most effective manner, by the alignment of risk factors revealed in the course of risk analysis and any security requirements related thereto, and of the financial means available.

Design and installation of complex safety and fire alarm systems

In practice it is a well-known fact that high standard asset protection activities may only be provided by the combination of live force and technical security services. The ideal ratio of the alternatives of the above mentioned two areas regarding optimum security and protection services is concretely determined by us in knowledge of the actual facility to be protected. One essential element of full-scope asset security is the use and installation of equipment and devices that comply with fire protection requirements. Our company provides full-scope services, as required, from the design and installation of various alarm systems, access systems and camera surveillance systems to continuous supervision and maintenance, and we also provide practical advice in respect of the reinforcement of the level of protection of the facility.

- Establishment of mechanical protection, (in accordance with the specifications of MABISZ – the Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies)
- Installation of electronic protection system, including the installation of complete surveillance video systems
- Installation of interactive multifunctional alarm systems
- Complete design of fire alarm networks, authorization by the authorities and implementation thereof, operation and maintenance thereof.

GPRS telemonitoring and patrol control

- Burglary protection
- Satellite vehicle tracking
- Fire protection
- Remote health monitoring
- Elevator monitoring
- Temperature monitoring
- Monitoring of vending machine
- Monitoring of arcades
- Technical telemonitoring

Private investigation

The staff members of Perfect Protection Solutions Hungary Zrt. dispose of asset protection and/or private investigator certificates and several years of wide-ranging professional experience.Our services related to the scope of activities of private investigation, aligned to Customers’ needs in a flexible manner, are as follows:

Obtaining of company information prior to conclusion of contracts and agreements, as well as banking and financial transactions, for legal entities and private persons, for the purpose of the establishment of real financial position or liquidity: targeted review, screening, analysis of registry court materials, searching for and obtaining of title deeds regarding real properties, obtaining of other public datastore information as required, discreet visual surveillance of registered seats and sites, for the purpose of revealing real financial position.

Within the scope of lawful debt management, we undertake to settle financial type conflicts for legal entities and private persons, as follows:

Assessment of the debtor’s financial position and liquidity status, finding of place of stay as required,
Disclosure of hidden funds and properties,
Preparation of conciliatory meetings based on the information obtained,
Scheduling of the settlement of debts, commencement of enforcement procedure as required.

Surveillance and documentation of persons and events:

Control of daily movements of persons,
Mapping of contacts,
Documentation of events in public places.

Searching for persons lost, establishment of whereabouts of children and adults staying in unknown locations.
Collection of information for private persons and legal entities. Nowadays, there is a growing demand regarding the collection of information on natural persons. The orientation of the requests for information consists of several components. It is now general practice that prior to hiring persons for certain positions the employer intends to obtain information on the mentality, reliability and coverage of reality as to statements by the applicant.

Interestingly, there may be similar requests in private life regarding the choice of a partner.

In respect of the above, we undertake to perform a so-called lifestyle survey of private persons. The inspection involves the obtaining of information in their residential, workplace and other environments. The investigation is also suitable for the mapping of a system of relationships. The Customer will obtain an image of the character and ethical features of the person investigated, their financial position, and the general opinion established in the environment under investigation, as well as the person’s behaviour. In the case of demand for other special information, we are available to our Customers following individual consultation.
Collection of information for law firms, searching for and hearing of persons involved in litigation processes, without revealing the Customer’s interests.
Within the framework of brand and trademark protection, we undertake to protect objects, assets, intellectual property, the preparation of license agreements, the exposition and interruption of trade mark infringement.

Employment of Experts

- Collection of evidence with the involvement of expert witnesses
- handwriting experts
- fingerprint experts
- forensic specialists
- locksmith experts
- chemical experts

Other special experts tasks performed:

- Graphologist (personality analysis, characteristics, skills, abilities presumption)
- Psychologist (criminal, children’s, etc.)

Cleaning services

Our company undertakes to perform all kinds of cleaning, tidying services, as required, not only based on permanent but also ad-hoc assignments (e.g. “spring” cleaning, cleaning of plants, glass surfaces, etc.) for offices, apartments, small and medium-sized companies as well. Our customer services staff members endeavour to meet all requests from special times and dates to the quality of cleaning agents used.